If you're looking for a specific RV that you want to hire, Camplify allows you to filter your searches to display only the ones that you are looking for. Since Camplify has thousands of RVs, it is advantageous to put specifications when you search to lessen your time and make it convenient for you to book the perfect RV. 

You can start by going to our site (www.camplify.com.au) and inputting the basic details (location and booking dates):


You will then be led to a page with all your RV options. You can start to select a hire type and click search. Don't forget to tick the box that states "Only show RVs between these dates":


The different hire types that you can choose from are:

  • Available for Towing - can be self-drive or self-tow

  • Available for Setup - the owners will go to your selected area to setup

  • Located Onsite - RV cannot be moved and you have to go to its location



For more specific details, you can click the “Add Filter” button:



All the options are there so you can narrow down your search even more. There is a drop down menu for you to choose from​. Just check the boxes of your preferred details and click 'Apply Filters':

Once you're done with these steps, the RVs that would fit your needs would appear and all you need to do is click and choose which one best suits you. You can then choose to send a booking enquiry or a booking request.