Once you have an approved booking request and a completed profile, (see complete profile article) you can pay for your booking by clicking on the yellow-coloured 'PAY FOR BOOKING' button located on the Booking Request card in your dashboard. See below:

You will notice that, when the booking request has been approved by the owner, a green bar will appear on the left side of the card. 

If you can not see the 'PAY FOR BOOKING' button, then the owner may not have approved you to hire their RV yet. Please request them to approve you by messaging them via the comments section. 

If your profile is not yet completed and you click on the 'PAY FOR BOOKING' button, you will be automatically promoted to complete your profile. See below:

Progress further by clicking the 'COMPLETE PROFILE' button and updating each of the required sections. 

To complete a booking and pay, you are required to have the following:

  • Profile picture;

  • Name;

  • Address;

  • Valid Drivers License Number and State;

  • Phone Number and;

  • Email address

Once your profile is complete and you click the 'PAY FOR BOOKING' button, you will be presented with the payment screen. 

You can complete payment with Visa or Mastercard only. When you have entered all of your payment details correctly, click on submit payment.

From here, it's easy - just sit back and count down the days until your amazing holiday!