Once you have approved a booking for a hirer to pay the next thing you are going to watch out for is a notification that the hirer has paid for their booking. 

This will occur in a few ways, 

  1. You will receive an email letting you know that the hirer has paid for their booking. 

  2. You can check on the system in the following steps;

  • Log into your dashboard and click "Bookings"

  • Now click the section 'Approved Bookings'

  • You will notice that all approved bookings are green;


  • In the text you can see this booking is pending payment;

  • When a booking is paid you will see the booking has been paid;

For bookings that you have approved and the hirer has not paid we recommend reaching out to them via a message within 48 hours, and if you don't hear back cancel the booking. 

If the hirer doesn't pay within 48 hours, message them and say:

"Hi, you haven't paid yet so I will have to cancel the booking. If you decide to go ahead, I can reopen the booking for you."