So, you've listed your RV for hire on Camplify. Here are a few quick tips you will need to get started hiring your RV. 

Marketing Your RV

Camplify works hard on marketing your RV for you, however, we also recommend you do a couple of extra things locally to promote your RV for hire. These are small things that can help get you a few additional bookings that can add up to thousands of extra dollars per year. 

  • Share your RV on Facebook. This is really easy to do this will let all your friends and family know you are hiring out through Camplify, in your post ask them to share for you to their friends as well. Here is a link to a detailed how-to article on sharing on Facebook

  • Post your RV in Facebook Groups. This is also easy to do, but first, you need to be a member of any and all Facebook "Buy, Sell and Swap" groups in your local area. Here is a detailed article on how to do this.

  • Look out for the Camplify owner support program, which is a sequence of DIY marketing ideas emailed to all listed owners. 


Maximising Enquiries 

The trick to getting paid bookings on Camplify is to be very responsive to booking requests and to engage with your customers enthusiastically. About 90% of confirmed bookings on Camplify happen when the RV owner responds to booking requests within 2-4 hours. 

You can engage your hirers by asking questions about their plans, where they are going, what they are doing, what type of car do they have (if you have a caravan and they are towing ) etc. 

If the hirer has enquired but not actually submitted a booking request, ask them to turn their enquiry into a booking request in order to move towards a booking approval. See an article here on the difference. 

Once you are happy with the hirer, approve the booking. This will enable the hirer to move on to pay for the booking. 

Set your minimum number of nights lower. RVs with a higher number of minimum nights generally get less booking enquires. eg. 7 nights+ will get around half the booking requests of 4 nights or less. To see how to update your minimum number of nights see here a detailed article. 

Our system will SMS you when you get a booking request, as long as you have provided us with your mobile number in your account profile. Here is an article on how to do this.


When is a Booking a Booking?

A booking is not a booking until the hirer has paid. Otherwise, it is simply a request to book. Sometimes, hirers will put in a booking request but never proceed to payment. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, we suggest following these steps: 

  1. Approve the hirer to book

  2. Message the hirer and tell them 'I have approved you to book. You now need to pay through Camplify. If you have any problems please call them on 1300 133 416.'

  3. If the hirer doesn't pay within 48 hours, message them and say "Hi, you haven't paid yet so I will have to cancel the booking. If you decide to go ahead, I can reopen the booking for you." 

  4. If still no response within a few hours, go ahead and cancel the booking 

Here is an article to see if a booking has been paid

How to Setup Your RV for Hire

Setting up your RV for hire is really easy. Most hirers are people who don't have much equipment, so we recommend providing pretty much everything that a hirer will need to go on holidays. This might include:

  • Camping chairs

  • Outdoor table

  • Cutlery and plates

  • Gas bottle

  • Basically, anything you can think of that you would use. 


How to Set Your Pricing

Now that you have listed, reviewing your pricing might be a good way to maximise your hires. The key to pricing is walking the fine line between cost-effective and pricing your RV out of the market. Firstly, we recommend doing some research with your competition on Camplify. 

Also as a general rule, we recommend having a lower general price for most of the year. You can then set a shoulder period of 1/12 - 30/01 with 10% higher pricing. Then you can set a peak rate for all school holidays at say a 20% higher rate. Here are the school holidays in each state; 

If you want a simple way starting point for pricing your RV you can use our RV hire price calculator here

Here is an article on how to update your pricing


RV Availability

On Camplify, your RV is always available to have booking requests come in unless you reserve the RV. The reserve function can be used for example if you are using the RV or if the RV is unavailable, e.g. being serviced or repaired, etc. 

The reserve function can be found via the listings button in the dashboard menu. Here is an article on how to do this.

Any questions please call our team on 1300 416 133 or send us a text with your username and question to 0451 266 175