Marketing your RV is an important step to getting more bookings. Specifically, we recommend local marketing of your RV to people in your area. This can simply be done by searching and joining the local "Buy, Sell and Swap" groups in your area. Examples of this might include;

  • Sydney Buy Sell and Swap

  • Western Sydney Buy Sell and Swap

Between those 2 groups, you will have an audience of over 100,000 people. 


Find these groups by searching in the Facebook bar at the top of the page for your location and 'Buy-Sell'

Once you find the right group with the most members request to join;

Note: Some Facebook groups don’t allow promotional posts, so please check their guidelines before posting. We don’t want you getting kicked out of any groups! 

Once you have been accepted as a member of these groups, you can post a link to your Camplify listing into the group   

Not sure how to find a link to your listing?

On desktop computer browsers:


  1. Visit your listing on Camplify

  2. Copy & paste the website address in your internet browser bar. It will look something like this:


On mobile phone browsers:

Once you open up your listing on your phone, you should be able to find an option to “Copy” your listing web address. Look for an icon like this on your phone’s internet browser: 

Once your listing link is “copied”, you can now head to the Facebook group to post, you can find this group by following these steps;

Hit the groups button on the left menu of your Facebook feed;

Hit the GROUPS tab at the top of the page;

Now find the group you are a member of;

Create your post eg below;

You may notice at the bottom of your post the ability to select multiple groups you are a member of and the Facebook marketplace. 

We recommend selecting all local "Buy, Sell and Swap" groups and the Facebook Marketplace. 


If members of the group contact you directly via messenger, simply direct them to create a booking request on Camplify.