It is very important to ensure that your peak and shoulder pricing is up to date. We recommend setting your rates well in advance (2+ years ahead). Due to popularity and high demand over peak travel periods, many hiring members like to book their holidays well in advance to ensure they secure their perfect RV and perfect campsite. 

 As a reminder for those wishing to update their rates, simply: 

Log into your account on

Click 'Listings' on the blue banner across the screen towards the top


Select the specific van you wish to adjust the dates/rates for

Click 'Hiring options


Scroll down to 'Pricing' on the left hand

Click the 'Edit' button in blue



Here you will see your default, peak and shoulder rates

To add a new rate, click the relevant period



Click 'add new peak rate

Enter the relevant dates for your new peak period and click 'save my changes'

Do the same thing with shoulder period

You can add as many peak and shoulder periods as you like

To save future editing, we suggest you add them in right up until 2018.


Keeping your rates up to date by a good 1-2 years in advance will ensure that you're maximising the return on your RV.

If you enter a date range you are not happy with, no worries - click the garbage bin icon to the right of the new range and hit 'save my changes' for it to be removed.



We've written a basic guide for updating your peak periods. It also contains the most common peak periods for each state, including school holidays and public holidays. 

Check it out HERE: