A pre-hire checklist is an important document that should be completed by the owner, in the presence of the hirer, immediately prior to the commencement of the hire. This checklist is made available within the owner's Camplify Dashboard approximately 30 days before the first day of the hire. Think of it as a conditions report — similar to the commencement of a housing lease. 

Make sure both parties thoroughly inspect the RV during this time to avoid any potential post-hire discrepancies. The pre-hire checklist will take into account the following aspects:

- Hirer ID checking

- Existing condition of the RV and its contents (interior + exterior)

- Supplied food/items

- Existing damage (if any)

- Fuel + gas levels (if applicable)

- General cleanliness

- Safety checks

- Agreed kilometre distance allocation (self-drive RVs)

If you wish to do an offline checklist and submit yours online later, simply download and print our form attached at the bottom of this article.

The online pre-hire checklist can be found via the 'VIEW BOOKING REQUEST' button on the paid and approved booking once the booking is less than 30 days away. This form is uploaded and stored on the Camplify system as soon as you submit it. 

Please wait a few seconds for the blue "Launch Pre-Hire Checklist" button to load.




See additional example of the checklist below:

This process takes between 15 to 60 mins to complete (all depending on the complexity of the RV). This time should be allocated for the hirer and owner to ensure appropriate care is taken once the RV is handed over. 

The Pre-hire Checklist is critical for any hires that have taken place and subsequently require an insurance claim. This documentation is used to support any claims made by the owner/hirer. 

Without completion of this document, Camplify may not be able to support the recovery of the bond or a smooth insurance claim.  

If you wish to do an offline checklist and submit yours online later simply download and print our offline PDF form attached below.



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