As an owner of an RV, you will get all kinds of requests on Camplify sometimes at a rapid rate. From time to time you may need to cancel or decline a booking request. 

This may include; you not being comfortable with a hire, the van not being a good fit for the hirer, or if a holidaymaker has not responded to your messages or paid for a booking request. Remember a booking is not a booking until it is paid for. 

Here are the steps to cancelling a booking;

  • Login by clicking on the My Dashboard link

  • Click on the Bookings button in the dashboard 

  • Find the booking in the list


  • In the top right corner you will see the CANCEL BOOKING button;




  • Click this button and a dialogue box will appear;


  • Complete this form with the reason you are cancelling and click the "Yes, I want to decline this booking";




  • Now press the DECLINE BOOKING button. 

  • Please note your reason for declining the booking will be sent to the hirer in an email.