The Camplify system allows you to control and edit the pricing on every booking.

You may wish to provide a discount for things like longer hires or hiring out to your mates.

This can be done using the 'Make An Offer' function

To Make an Offer firstly DO NOT approve the booking.

When you receive a booking request you will see 3 buttons; Comment, Approve Booking, and View Booking Request;

 Click on the "View Booking Request". 

Here you can see a summary of the booking including a button in the top right called 'Make an Offer'

When you would like to change the total price click on the 'MAKE AN OFFER' button. You will see this screen;

Here you can make the offer to the hirer on what you both agreed on. 

Please Note: When you "Make an Offer" to a hirer with a discounted price, the booking fees and service fees are added on top of your offer.

Please check the box 'Yes, I want to offer this total price' and hit send. This offer will become the new price plus fees. 

You can see the history of this offer in the comments section of the booking;

The hirer must accept the offer before you can approve their booking request and allow them to pay. 

(Please note the "Accept Offer" button is in the comments section of the booking request)