We understand that, in some cases, hirers will want (or need) to share the driving/towing between themselves and their fellow travel companions. This is completely fine, as long as the additional driver is above 25 and has a full drivers licence. All you need to do is obtain a photograph of the additional driver's licence.

There are two easy ways to do make this work: 

1. During the pre-hire checklist, the owner will see the option to upload a photo of the licence of any additional drivers required. There and then, the owner should obtain a photo of each licence, upload it to the checklist and press submit at the end.

2. If the pre-hire checklist has already been submitted but the hirer later requests to add an additional driver, the owner should then simply get the hirer to send through a photograph of the additional driver's licence. The owner should then keep this licence photo as a record, just incase something goes wrong during the hire. 

If you have any questions about this, please contact us and we'll get back to ASAP. 




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