Unfortunately, our site does not yet have a function to allow you to save a list of your favourite RVs. In the meantime, you can always add an RV listing as a bookmark on your Internet browser. 

Example for Google Chrome users: 

Find the RV you wish to save, then click the star symbol located at the right side of the browser address bar. This will add the page as a bookmark, so you can revisit it easily. You can rename the page, add it to an existing folder, or create a new folder. We recommend creating a new folder and titling it something like 'Camplify RVs'.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-02_at_10.06.41_am.pngFurthermore, you'll find that most browsers have a menu at the top of the screen that includes 'bookmarks'. This menu option also allows you to bookmark the page you're currently on. See example below:


Alternatively, you could also copy+paste the URL into a document or notepad for future reference. For example.



From a mobile browser (Safari): 

Find the RV listing you want to save, then click on a button at the bottom of your screen that looks like this:


From here, you can click on 'add to favourites' or 'add bookmark' accordingly.

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