Camplify is a peer to peer service where all different types of owners list their RV's for hire. Many of our owners are private people who are looking to share their RV with a community of RV lovers.

To make them feel comfortable with you hiring their RV that they have invested tens of thousands of dollars into, we ask you to have a completed profile on Camplify before you can complete a hire

A completed profile includes;

  • An address;

  • A mobile phone number;

  • A drivers license;

  • An email address;

  • If you are towing: your car details (including insurance) and;

  • A picture of you.  

Having a completed profile will increase your chances of being approved by the owner to hire their RV. It also helps when you turn up to hire the RV so that the owner can recognise you from your photo. You can update your profile by clicking on the dashboard menu and finding the link called 'ACCOUNT DETAILS'. See below for an example of what a profile looks like: