So you're interested in finding a caravan, camper trailer, motorhome or camper van to hire for your holiday? Before you get started with your search, it's important that you're aware that Camplify does not own any of the recreational vehicles (RV's) on this site. Rather, think of Camplify as like the Airbnb for RV's. We connect owners of RV's with holiday makers (like yourself) that are looking to hire an amazing RV. Camplify is a great way for owners to put their unused RV to good use, and for holiday makers to experience the joys of camping without the investment. Everybody wins. For an outline of what we do, check out our video here.

1. The first step in finding your perfect RV is to create a FREE Camplify profile by clicking 'Sign Up' in the top right hand area of the Camplify home page. Tell us a bit about yourself and add a profile picture. It's really easy and only takes a few minutes. 

2. Find the search bar on the Camplify homepage and enter the location from which you want to hire an RV. You will then be presented with available RV's from nearest to furthest from your entered location. Search through our listings and decide on the perfect RV for you. Where and when do you want to travel? How many people are you looking to accommodate? Would you like to tow, or have the RV dropped off for you? What is your budget per night? 

You also have the option to filter your vans according to your booking dates, your hire types, your van preferences, price range, and many more. This is a good option to lessen your time browsing through as it helps you narrow down your search.

To show vans that are available during your selected booking dates, you can go ahead and tick the box that says "show only RV's available between these dates". This will prompt the system to only show vans that are available during your selected booking dates. Please note that the longer your booking dates; the lesser the number of vans available.

You can choose the type of hire you want. Here is a short description of these hire types:

  • Tow - can be self-drive or self-tow
  • Owner Drop-off - the owners will go to your selected area to setup
  • Located On-site - RV cannot be moved and you have to go to its location

Please make sure to communicate with the owner especially "Owner Drop-off" hire type as they usually charge a relocation fee depending on the distance of the location you want them to set-up the van. You can find out more regarding the charge and the distance they want to travel by clicking on the van and scrolling down the van details.


For more specific details, you can click the “Add Filter” button. This option allows you to really narrow down your search. You can go ahead and click on the different selections provided under the add filter button option.

Once you have selected all your filters, you may click on the "add filters" button. Otherwise, if you want a broader search, just click on the "hide filters" button. To show the vans that would fit what you are looking for, click on the blue "Search" button.

3. Like the look of a particular RV but still have a few questions about it? No problem, just contact the owner and make an enquiry. Let them know what your query is and the dates you're planning to book. He/she will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 48hrs. You will be notified of their response via email, and can continue the conversation via the Camplify system. 


4. Once you find your perfect RV and arrange your booking with the owner, you pay for your booking through the Camplify system and make arrangements to meet. The payment process is simple; 50% of the total booking amount is taken from your account as a deposit, then the remaining amount is automatically debited from your account 30 days prior to the commencement of the hire. It's that easy!

5. Arrive at the RV's location, complete the pre-hire checklist with the owner and have an amazing holiday in your perfect RV.

6. Return your RV to the agreed location and complete our return checklist.

7. Provide a review of the RV you hired to help other Camplify members, and start planning your next adventure.