We understand that not everyone is comfortable letting someone else tow or drive their RV. That's why we've created the option for owners to tow and set up their RV at the hirer’s desired location themselves.

If you don't want anyone else towing or driving your RV, but still want to make great money from it, make sure you change your hiring options to 'Owner drive hire' and/or 'Onsite hire' when going through the initial listing process. 

If you have already listed your RV and need to change your options, you are able to do so from your Camplify dashboard. From the dashboard, click on 'Listings' from the top menu. 


Then find the RV you wish to change and click on 'Hiring Options'.



From here, you can see and edit all of the hiring options accordingly.


Check the box that either allows, or doesn't allow, people to tow/drive your RV.